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What Are Some of the Best Beginner Guitar Songs to Play for a Country Guitarist?

While I teach country guitar lessons, I also understand that country guitar songs are some of the hardest to learn. People will talk about all the rock greats, but go to Youtube sometime and watch Roy Clark and then tell me that country pickin’ isn’t in the big leagues of difficulty. I’ve always said that people will want to keep learning something if they can have an “easy win.” Sometimes staying with a musical instrument is all about Read the rest of this entry »

I play the piano fairly well and can learn new songs pretty easily, and I was wondering if it is hard to learn how to play the guitar. Are there any any good online guitar lesson websites for free? Thanks!

Both instruments are pretty much the same as far as chords go. You should pick up easy. You just have to learn how to actually play the guitar. Like, where and how to place your fingers on the strings and stuff like that.

I’m interested in learning guitar, does any of you know "free" guitar lessons online?

Youtube, vimeo are the best. There you’ll find much for free.

Hey, so, I want to learn how to play guitar, but I don’t have the money to take lessons right now, so I was wondering if there are any FREE ONLINE guitar lessons that are actually helpful and easy? Thank you!

I would be very surprised! I began learning nearly forty years ago – long before The Internet. When, out of curiosity, I’ve checked out lessons mentioned by people here I’ve been appalled at the general ignorance on display: I’ve come across people giving "lessons" who didn’t know the difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar; didn’t know which was the first string on a guitar; thought you should fret a note by pressing down directly on the fret, oh, and someone who thought a "fret" was the gap between the frets! Not good starts. The problem is, people who recommend sites are beginners themselves and don’t understand that they’re being "taught" rubbish, they don’t know enough to judge, so they go off the fact that the "lessons" are free, the "teacher" smiles a lot and goes slowly and, sometimes, they are very good players (far better than I am), but they don’t know what they are talking about! Get a proper teacher or a beginner’s book.

I am looking for good free guitar lessons online. Can you give me a link?

You tube. What ever songs you want to play, there will be lessons.
Or scales and all sorts of beginner tutorials.

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